Monday , November 18 2019

Spiral: Small Factory’s Miracle

Shibano Takeo is a corporate restructuring expert. He shifts from a major electronics manufacturer to a small metal molding factory called Majitech upon the sudden death of his benefactor, the talented inventor Fujimura Tokio. Majitech is on the brink of bankruptcy and he has to turn it around. While Shibano feels a sense of inferiority to the late Fujimura’s daughter Asako, he battles together with her younger brother Nozomu, Fujimura’s right-hand man Okemoto and others to save the factory. However, a vengeful Murao, who had a connection with Shibano in the past, and a foreign fund known as Horizon move in an attempt to take over Majitech for some purpose.

Native Title: スパイラル~町工場の奇跡~
Also Known As: Spiral ~ Machikoujou no Kiseki , Spiral: Small Factory’s Miracle , Spiral ~ Machikouba no Kiseki
Screenwriters: Habara Daisuke
Genres: Business
Tags: Adapted From A Novel