Friday , December 13 2019

Miki Kurinikku de Kanpai o

Tsukumo Katsumi is a surgeon who lost his job after causing the death of a patient in a medical mishap. He comes to work for Miki Clinic on the recommendation of Professor Mimori whom he studied under. The clinic’s director Miki Shoichiro opened the practice for VIPs who want to receive medical treatment in secret. Tsukumo tries to get accustomed to his new workplace but discovers another side to Miki Clinic. It will do everything possible to fulfil any request, based on the belief that if the anxieties and major concerns of patients are solved, their emotions will stablise and they can to focus on their treatment. Together with the other doctors of the clinic, Tsukumo takes on patients’ off-the-wall requests.

Native Title: 神酒クリニックで乾杯を
Also Known As: Cheers to Miki Clinic, Miki Clinic de Kanpai wo
Genres: Mystery, Medical
Tags: Adapted From A Novel, Adapted From A Manga