Friday , December 6 2019

Magic x Warriors Magic Witch Pures!

On the day of her middle school entrance ceremony, Momoka meets a flying cat fairy who guides her to a jewel shop owned by a mysterious woman named Tiara. Tiara gives Momoka a magical item called a Majoka Porte which allows her to transform into a Magi Majo Pure.

Together with the other Magi Majo Pures, she uses magic to fight against the JamaJama-dan, an evil group who are trying to take over the world by robbing people of their hopes and dreams.

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Native Title: 魔法×戦士 マジマジョピュアーズ!
Also Known As: Magic x Warriors Magic Witch Pures
Directors: Takashi Miike
Screenwriters: Nakazono Yuuya
Genres: Action, Friendship, Tokusatsu, School, Fantasy
Tags: Magical Girl, Child