Friday , December 6 2019

Denei Shojo: Video Girl AI

Sho Moteuchi is a high school student. After his parents divorced, he begins to live with his uncle. At school, he develops feelings for his classmate Nanami, but Nanami likes his friend Tomoaki. One day, he finds an old broken video cassette recorder at his uncle’s house. Sho repairs the video cassette recorder and suddenly a video of girl plays. The girl in the video introduces herself as Video Girl Ai. She then steps out of the video and lives with Sho for the next 3 months.

Based on the manga series “Denei Shojo: Ai-hen” by Masakazu Katsura. Story for drama series is set 25 years after the original manga. Main character in the drama series Sho Moteuchi is the nephew of manga series main character Yota Moteuchi.

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Video Girl AI (Japanese remake)
Native Title: 電影少女~VIDEO GIRL AI 2018~
Also Known As:
Screenwriters: Kiyasu Kohei
Directors: Makabe Yukinori, Kuwajima Kenji
Genres: Food, Friendship, Romance, Sci-Fi
Tags: Cuddly Couple, Idol Actor, Lovers Separated, High School, Interspecies Romance, Amnesia, Adapted From A Manga