Friday , November 15 2019

Back Street Girls Gokudoruzu

Kentaro Yamamoto (Jin Shirasu), Ryo Tachibana (Reiya Masaki) and Kazuhiko Sugihara (Masato Hanazawa) are young yakuza members. They make a mistake which angers their boss and the young men beg for their lives. Their boss heard that idol groups can bring in a lot of money. He forces these 3 young men to undergo sex change operations and receive plastic surgery. Post-operation, the three men, who are now women, debut as female idol group “Gokudoruzu.”

Native Title: Back Street Girls ゴクドルズ
Also Known As:
Directors: Hara Keinosuke
Genres: Action, Crime, Mature
Tags: Mafia, Plastic Surgery, Yakuza, Adapted From A Manga, Cross-dressing